they say its not the events that happen, but how you react to them

that matters in life

that phrase goes over and over in my head as i think about my neighbor who just WILL NOT STOP blasting Lady Gaga

he’s playing along on his guitar like hes gonna go on tour with them and i keep thinking am i being tested?

on one hand im pretty much a Libertarian in life. i want people to do whatever they want to do.

for most of my life i have been viewed as the rebel, the pot stirrer, the instigator

the last thing id ever wanna do is tell someone to turn it the eff down.

plus i have an issue with growing older. it sucks. and arent you officially an old man when you call the cops on someone

over the bad music on their stereo?

all i wanna do is take a little cat nap. vegas was intense. i drove us home. work was rough, now i wanna sleep.

but this paparazzi keeps blasting.

there was a time when i could call up a sweet little angel and say baby i need to come over

and thered be invitations for a home cooked meal or something and id say no seriously i just need a nap

and a man could get a nap. but the events have happened in such a way i cant get no damn nap.

so i wonder, am i being tested to see how i will react? and how do you pass such a test?

is the correct answer to take control of your life and make the world a brighter place?

or is the correct answer to just say a little prayer to the Good Lord and trust Him?

i guess i’ll never know since the music miraculously just stopped.