1. Saturday, April 23, 2011

    they wanted me to go to vegas, i said no no no 

    in las vegas

    just wanted to mope around my pad this weekend and karisa was all you need to do the opposite for a while

    being a huge seinfeld fan she then told me about the episode where george castanza started doing the opposite of what hed normally do

    and everything went right for him, big time

    so last night we got here hung with her family who got upgraded to a corner luxury suite at the cosmo, gambled all night

    so many people got on lucky streaks including your hero

    today we went over to the pool at the hard rock and chilled in a cabana and karisa got so sloshed that she wont let me publish the pics

    which would be the greatest photo set ever seen, f y i

    its currently 830, everyones disco naps got extended from 20 minutes to 2 hours and counting.

    theres talk of dancing at the rooftop club at the palms

    but ive got better plans

    unless of course i do the opposite