bye vacation

its taken me forever to write this post. not sure why. maybe cuz i dont wanna believe its over.

truest and i spent a magical week in arizona, the last place i thought id be.

i thought id take a train around the country, or we’d go to vegas and get hammered.

but instead i did something i hardly ever do, i listened to her and let her gently guide us into a good place.

a super beautiful amazing place.

im not sure whats come over us, but she was more into pushing and i was more into letting.

she really didnt wanna go to vegas, i really didnt wanna go to lake havasau even though we had a free week coupon there.

but we wanted warm. and i know i know i live in LA, isnt it always warm? strangely no, no it isnt.

its never super cold, but i wanted to have my shirt off at night. i wanted to sweat a little. i wanted to get a little color on my nose.

so we headed to the desert. at first we didnt know where. maybe phoenix and then flagstaff – which were the first two legs of my trip around the world back in ’06.

and then Sedona was right there so we decided to poke our heads in.

when the truest and i lived in frisco we used to hop on the street cars sometimes and just ride them to the end of their lines

just to see where they went. one day we were on this one train that went into a tunnel and when it emerged we found ourselves

in this beautiful land called West Portal. it was so pretty and a hidden little gem so close to the city, but tucked away.

it became our little secret spot and that bonding and sharing of a not-really secret locale was really fun.

in many ways i look at Sedona as that because its so easy to miss it since its not right off a freeway.

also, since it is so close to the Grand Canyon, everyone blows right past it.

not us. we stayed as high up as we could the first two days in a little quaint motel for two days

and then on what we thought was our last day we splurged and chilled at a fancy resort on the third day.

on the fourth day we hiked along a beautiful creek and splashed near waterfalls and moseyed our way out of town.

we had lunch in Flagstaff and tried to think of where we should go next but what could top those amazingly beautiful mountains?

so we turned around and came right back to Sedona.

it was like looking at a beautiful girl who kissed you back when you kissed her.

you wanted to look at her in her eyes for a little bit to make sure she was real.

you wanted to hold her hand to make sure you werent dreaming.

every time we turned a corner in Sedona it was more beautiful than the next one.

even when we were doing yoga on the vortex of Bell Rock and looking upside down through our legs

Sedona was more spectacular than rightsideup.

there is a feeling there that matches up with the serene nature.

and you sense that feeling leave you when you exit the valley and it dissipates exponentially with every mile you’re away.

so freaky.

many people say they dont feel the vortex energy when they sit and mediate and hike around the four magic spots.

i am one of those people. but i could not sleep long and i had the wildest dreams.

and i was filled with energy the whole time i was there.

also, i didnt eat or drink very much. to me, that is part of the freaky vortex energy. its subtle and long lasting.

i think thats the energy the hippies and ufos and native americans speak of.

we spent two days after sedona in scottsdale back at the triple hot tub place to decompress in semi-reality.

the first day was supposed to be the last day, but after spending a morning at the pool i leaned over to the truest and said

do you really wanna go to LA today? saturday? or would you mind spending the rest of the day and night here and

super relaxing.

the room was only $92 and it was spectacular so we ordered more margaritas and enjoyed the 85 degree temps.

all of that is window dressing. we drank and ate and tried to stay up late but our minds and our soul were still vortexing

a combo of possibilities and happy thoughts and mellowness.

we didnt watch tv. we didnt go to the movies. we didnt eat a ton.

i read half of scott weiland’s autobiography but mostly checked out my curvy ex in her lovely swimsuit

and told her how much i love her and always will.

opened my chakra on a triple vortex with a yogi from the bronx

truest found the most amazing yogi, her name is johanna and she was so wonderful

a no nonsense italian american catholic phd from new york who moved here 17 years ago

and not only knows her stuff but lives it.

she taught us to admire the juniper trees and how to offer it gifts

she placed us on the bell rock vortex which is situated between the airport and cathedral vortexes.

she mediated with us, cleared us, and then had us do yoga on this beautiful flat rock

which we laid on and hugged and it hugged us back.

the best was the wind. she explained that the wind swirls sometimes when you talk and the natives would say

thats the spirits saying yeah, we totally agree.

she told us that in the time of the indians, the tribes would come to sedona from all over because they knew this place was special

and they called the mountains the wigwams of the great spirits.

she taught us how to anoint each other and stepped away so we could take our time acknowledging each other

pointing out several things we loved about each other and what we want in our future.

because we’re nerds we laughed a bit and even welled up a tad.

it was sweet, and smelled nice.

we were out there for three hours just learning about nature and God and the amazing land we havent been able to leave.

after we ate great sushi looking out at the mountains

then we got a sweet hotel room for $30 because we agreed to go through a 90 minute time share pitch later today

normally i avoid those things, but after communing with the Good Lord, i can take on anything.

guess whos back in sedona

truest and i had a great afternoon yesterday.

after we ate breakfast at a diner specializing in celebrating ufos, we went hiking at a creek recommended by a local

it was called grasshopper point and it was half way between sedona proper and Slide Rock where everyone else goes

grasshopper point, however, has five secret waterfalls

lots of swimming, hiking, fishing and the park ranger told us that it contains the friendliest skunks

who also like to swim with you.

the hiking was easy until we got to the dry river parts where there were lots of river rock to walk on,

but even that was fine.

schools out so some local kids had made it out to where there were some “cliff” diving opportunities

and one unfortunate man child kept his shirt on to hide his man boobs

but any trip to a wet tshirt celebration knows the folly of the moisturized white tshirt

truest and i searched and were successful in finding a secluded spot

that just happened to contain three of the secret water falls.

one of us dove in head first and re-emerged with a shout. apparently the water was in the low 50s.

at grasshopper point

the other took a lot of pictures with his fancy camera and will upload all of them in a future date and bore the world then.

anyways the hike swim and climb through the red rocks was inspiring and soothing.

we thanked the park ranger on our way out and headed back to flagstaff with stops at the dairy queen

and later chipotle when i learned the truest had never been there.

in flagstaff we plotted our next adventure. the grand canyon seemed the likely next victim since it was about 2 hours away

but when we thought about it, everything that weird crack in the ground had, sedona had in spades, just 30 minutes away

so we doubled back and used price line to get a beautiful room at the hilton on the outskirts of town.

once at the front desk i queried if an upgrade was available at a nominal price and for $30 more we got a king suite with fireplace

private balcony, and all the fixins. we dined at the outdoor hotel restaurant, drank, and went to bed early

because today, in mere minutes, we will be taking a guided tour of one of the vortexes we hadnt yet visited

where we will be doing some guided mediations, spiritual yoga, and hiking for a few hours.

the lady warned that its heavy on the “woo woo” and the truest said, its ok we’re from california.

ron paul says howdy

we went to this place built on the side of a mountain. saw an old prospector type. i said hi, he said howdy.


the town was called Jerome which was the last name of the man who financed the copper mine.

when the copper dried up, so did the town and it turned into a ghost town.

they put a J on the side of the mountain so you’d know how to get there.

on the other side of the mountain is Prescott

but youre not supposed to call it Press Scott

youre supposed to call it Presskit

thats what amber our waitress said psychically.

she said she doesnt like to come to Sedona cuz the cops give her $800 speeding tickets.

“here in Jerome, the cops are cool, they’ll just say slow it down amber.” she said.

and then she goes to Prescott to drink cuz all the old buildings there turned into wild west saloons.

<3 presskit <3 amber <3 jerome <3 sedona

but now we have to see a man about a grand canyon.

went to two vortexes today

also hiked. saw a ghost town that came back to life.

and went to walmart.

i saw a bunny disguised as a jackrabbit take a cat nap as a hawk floated four hundred yards above it.

it was catching a gust that allowed him to hover perfectly in the sky like a hummingbird.

while driving from one hiking spot to another we almost hit a road runner who had the perfect posture.

didnt have breakfast. had bbq in a town called jerome, served by a teen named amber.

took a picture ten seconds after i woke up this morn.

posted it on this post.

if i ever forget im the luckiest man around, i just come to the busblawg.

one of the vortexes was near this temple.

but if you see near the left, the alter has fallen and was broken.

the sign says barry goldwater helped create the thing.

but the secret about this vortex is its a reverse vortex

meaning youre not supposed to meditate on the goldwater side,

youre supposed to do your thing on the backside

life lesson for the day.

now its time for dinner and a movie.

im in the spirtual vortex of america

listening to art brut bob dylan mavis staples and adele

we just had the best italian meal looking at the mountains listening to the river

and watching a happy hummingbird.

we drove up to the airport vortex to checkout the sunset and the energy


earlier we checked out one of the coolest mansions, this secluded estate reportedly owned by the man who invented lasic laser surgery

if youre ever in sedona, you gotta eat at The Hideaway. the antipasta was ridiculously good and the manacotti was amazing

i also had two margaritas cuz i cant get enough of them no matter what food im eating

this was our view while we ate. which may not seem like much to the naked eye

but even the park ranger was all, this is god’s handiwork

to which all we could say was amen