tony answers your questions about love life and laughter

Steven Allen Adams: Are there any plans for a new book, a sequel to How to Blog?

i dont like writing books. i didnt like writing Blook, How to Blog, or Stiff. i like to blog. i have zero plans for any new books. but i do have a lot of titles for them. so expect something around Christmastime.

timmay!!!!!: 1. who will be meeting in the western conference finals? 2. who will be meeting in the eastern conference finals? 3. who will be meeting in the nba finals? 4. who will be winning in the nba finals?

1. dallas has proven itself as the rightful champions out of the west. 2. da bulls and the heat, sorry will face off in the east. 3. the mavs will get to go up against phil’s old team, da bulls in the finals. 4. da bulls lead by the league’s mvp

JimmyGraham: Still write in notebooks or do you only dream in digital?

i have the greatest notebook ever. i used to sell them in the busblog cafepress store. its a little white notebook that says “nothing in here is true” in pink letters on the cover. i never use it. almost impossible to copy and paste from it.

Sierra Christman: What are 5 things on your bucket list?

dont really have a bucket list, so lets try these five things

1. be at Wrigley when the Cubs are in the World Series

2. own a waterbed

3. have a fridge in the garage

4. have a dog that doesnt need a leash

5. eat at the white house

Bill: Would you ever consider regrowing your ‘fro ?

no. that era is passed. when i sold my fro on ebay that buyer really got the final product.

ashleyAndrea: What’s your favorite name in that photo?

as much as i like all of the names including yours, Andrea, its pretty hard for me to see the name Ashley and not think of the daisy princess who i still think about almost every day and miss dearly.

Tracey: I want to know a couple of things: 1. Who was your first celebrity crush? 2. What book have you re-read the most (other than the bible)

1. Jodie Foster

2. J.D. Salinger’s “Nine Stories

Raspberry: How should I shut my brain off? (besides decapitation with a katana, ’cause no one is volunteering to do that for me) xo

I try to use natural herbs, rock concerts, kissing, and eating. But none of those things really work, so if you find a solution please lemme know cuz i agree its annoying.

photomattmills: where’s your secret blog?

on the internet, where it belongs.