we we we so excited

odd future was at the troubabdour this friday the 13th

have i told you i love friday the thirteenths? do.

but yes its the same troubadour that prince played in on wednesday

so in this video you can get a taste of how small the place is.

back in the day people like elton john, david bowie, and the eagles started off there.

here they pulled off the impossible: making rebecca black’s “friday” feel fun again.

black folk can do anything.

i also dont feel like im testing enough things


i feel like im assuming things. too many things.

i feel like im assuming that im not assuming so many things,

but im pretty sure if i tested that theory, my assumptions would probably be proven false.

we have a test kitchen at work. things are tested there before we put it in the paper.

if i ever had a house id want one room where things get tested.

the rest of the house errryone can go around assuming things,

but all bets are off in the testing room.

if things went well id want to expand the testing room so as to be able to create a vacuum.

for id like to test some crap in the vacuum from time to time, im assuming.

i would also like a hot tub.

where would we be without rock


and yet we avoid it.

we try to put it in a corner.

25 years after Spinal Tap, and dials still dont go to 11.

when was the last time you went to 11?

lemme tell you a few things about 11, 11 doesnt mean youre puking

it doesnt mean youre being dangerous or irresponsible.

in the movie, the musician was talking about an amplifier,

a quality device that could  go “one louder” when he needed that extra kick.

so 11 is just the plus in a A+

buts a rock A+

i went to 11 like twice last month.

now im shootin for it twice a day.

doesnt always happen, but its fun trying.