opened my chakra on a triple vortex with a yogi from the bronx

truest found the most amazing yogi, her name is johanna and she was so wonderful

a no nonsense italian american catholic phd from new york who moved here 17 years ago

and not only knows her stuff but lives it.

she taught us to admire the juniper trees and how to offer it gifts

she placed us on the bell rock vortex which is situated between the airport and cathedral vortexes.

she mediated with us, cleared us, and then had us do yoga on this beautiful flat rock

which we laid on and hugged and it hugged us back.

the best was the wind. she explained that the wind swirls sometimes when you talk and the natives would say

thats the spirits saying yeah, we totally agree.

she told us that in the time of the indians, the tribes would come to sedona from all over because they knew this place was special

and they called the mountains the wigwams of the great spirits.

she taught us how to anoint each other and stepped away so we could take our time acknowledging each other

pointing out several things we loved about each other and what we want in our future.

because we’re nerds we laughed a bit and even welled up a tad.

it was sweet, and smelled nice.

we were out there for three hours just learning about nature and God and the amazing land we havent been able to leave.

after we ate great sushi looking out at the mountains

then we got a sweet hotel room for $30 because we agreed to go through a 90 minute time share pitch later today

normally i avoid those things, but after communing with the Good Lord, i can take on anything.