did i tell you i went to santa barbara this weekend?

vote sandwich

indeed i did.

and there i saw good things and bad things.

the good things included the kids, they seemed to be fun, smart, and as grateful as we were to reside in paradise.

of the bad things i saw at the top of the list was the dearth of advertising in the daily campus paper.

it was then that jeff mcmanus asked me if i would support him in getting the nexus a better online presence.

we talked to the incoming editor in cheif, a lovely young woman who is currently a sophomore.

she was way into it, and open to lots of new ideas cuz at this point, what is there to lose?

while talking to her she told me a delightful tale about how she became EIC and who she actually lost to.

as someone who was one press council vote away from being EIC, i was all ears.

apparently there has been an unofficial tradition recently at ucsb of only one person truly running for the top job.

this year was no exception and when it became obvious that she was going to be the only person running,

someone nominated a 6″ Subway meatball sub to run against her.

Vote Sandwich read the signs plastered around the recently cleaned up newsroom.

Sandwich won by a landslide, i was told.

later a bottle of tequila was passed around

it was emptied quickly.

the reason i believe in a strong online daily nexus is the more stories your college paper can produce,

the more opportunities young writers will have to learn and practice the art of journalism.

if your paper is only 8 pages, only a limited number of students can write, edit, photograph, draw, and report.

but if the pages are unlimited, the possibilities are unlimited.

meanwhile theres no excuse for the local pizza joints and national chains for not finding their advertising messages in an award winning paper

that speaks to 20,000 young Californians living feet away from the beach and 90 minutes from Hollywood.

also, all the new buildings looks lame all mushed together like that without any stylistic thread to tie them all together.

its like building of the month next to building of last decade. its ridiculous.

but the strangest thing happened. a breeze hit me carrying with it the smell of the sea

wrapped in the aroma from a eucalyptus, and suddenly i was instantly transformed to days gone by.

it was a delight.