guess whos back in sedona

truest and i had a great afternoon yesterday.

after we ate breakfast at a diner specializing in celebrating ufos, we went hiking at a creek recommended by a local

it was called grasshopper point and it was half way between sedona proper and Slide Rock where everyone else goes

grasshopper point, however, has five secret waterfalls

lots of swimming, hiking, fishing and the park ranger told us that it contains the friendliest skunks

who also like to swim with you.

the hiking was easy until we got to the dry river parts where there were lots of river rock to walk on,

but even that was fine.

schools out so some local kids had made it out to where there were some “cliff” diving opportunities

and one unfortunate man child kept his shirt on to hide his man boobs

but any trip to a wet tshirt celebration knows the folly of the moisturized white tshirt

truest and i searched and were successful in finding a secluded spot

that just happened to contain three of the secret water falls.

one of us dove in head first and re-emerged with a shout. apparently the water was in the low 50s.

at grasshopper point

the other took a lot of pictures with his fancy camera and will upload all of them in a future date and bore the world then.

anyways the hike swim and climb through the red rocks was inspiring and soothing.

we thanked the park ranger on our way out and headed back to flagstaff with stops at the dairy queen

and later chipotle when i learned the truest had never been there.

in flagstaff we plotted our next adventure. the grand canyon seemed the likely next victim since it was about 2 hours away

but when we thought about it, everything that weird crack in the ground had, sedona had in spades, just 30 minutes away

so we doubled back and used price line to get a beautiful room at the hilton on the outskirts of town.

once at the front desk i queried if an upgrade was available at a nominal price and for $30 more we got a king suite with fireplace

private balcony, and all the fixins. we dined at the outdoor hotel restaurant, drank, and went to bed early

because today, in mere minutes, we will be taking a guided tour of one of the vortexes we hadnt yet visited

where we will be doing some guided mediations, spiritual yoga, and hiking for a few hours.

the lady warned that its heavy on the “woo woo” and the truest said, its ok we’re from california.