1. Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    in some parts of the world its already karisas birthday 

    and little kids are celebrating in lots of weird foreign ways

    the way i celebrate is by going to Cubs games without her.

    like today im gonna be at the Cubs / Dodgers game with the truest and my pal Todd.

    i wonder if i can find a picture of one of the many Cubs Dodgers games ive experienced with tomorrows birthday girl.

    oh look theres one. this is when we went to a game like 9 years ago.

    Nine years???

    my how time passes so quickly.

    nine years, thats longer than – wow.

    anyways tomorrow i thought i was gonna eat with the girl from western mass but it looks like the celebration isnt gonna happen till Friday night

    i guess thats good since a hangover awaits, im sure.

    will it be a good birthday? probs. but not as good as a bash that she threw for me in 2008.

    now do you see why i <3 her?