man ive had the weirdest week

if not the weirdest month.

maybe the weirdest year.

last night i went to see Prince at the Troubadour, which is a club that can hold about 400 people.

and i was bored to tears. he only played one hit song “Pop Life”. mostly it was jazz funk and so mellow i wanted to take a nap.

afterwards we saw the next big thing Le Butcherettes at an even tinier club, who also didnt impress me.

she did scream well and throw her hair around and stage dive and rock, but i felt like id seen it all before.

until she took scissors to her hair and quickly created the shortest bangs ever with one quick cut.

am i getting that old and moldy that only the most wildest off the wall insane things can pique my interests?

lets hope not. actually i dont think so, ive been drinking a lot of lightly-sweetened lemonade lately.

i told my boss yesterday that i want to take some vacation soon. it may happen as early as next week, thankfully.

cuz things are so odd. some of it very good, but some of it is just beyond curious.

as in so curious i am not at all interested in investigating it.

LA is in a weird place right now. at this point in the calender we are used to the Lakers taking over the city.

and if thats not the case we can escape with the Dodgers.  but both of those gloriously successful franchises have seen better days.

which i guess is why i have found myself gravitating to the rock.

may see The Cars tonight. who i first saw in the 80s at The Forum way back when.

if i did go on vacation, i just may stay at home and read.

or tour some hollywood rooftop hotel pools and work on my tan.

unless you all have a better suggestion…