ron paul says howdy

we went to this place built on the side of a mountain. saw an old prospector type. i said hi, he said howdy.


the town was called Jerome which was the last name of the man who financed the copper mine.

when the copper dried up, so did the town and it turned into a ghost town.

they put a J on the side of the mountain so you’d know how to get there.

on the other side of the mountain is Prescott

but youre not supposed to call it Press Scott

youre supposed to call it Presskit

thats what amber our waitress said psychically.

she said she doesnt like to come to Sedona cuz the cops give her $800 speeding tickets.

“here in Jerome, the cops are cool, they’ll just say slow it down amber.” she said.

and then she goes to Prescott to drink cuz all the old buildings there turned into wild west saloons.

<3 presskit <3 amber <3 jerome <3 sedona

but now we have to see a man about a grand canyon.