slept till noon, feel amazing

ask anyone, im and old moldy washed up has been.

friday night i had a great meal and lovely mini afterparty at the 4100.

next day i slept till noon. wanna know how? cuz by some miracle i woke up at 5am

and took a leak. i know i know tmi, but listen its important, heres why.

if all your bod has to do is relax, it’ll relax, but if its gotta hold in several shots of jameson,

not to mention the amaretto sour youve suddenly acquired a taste for

then you’re not gonna be able to sleep past 9.

luckily around 5 my body was all yo you left the xbox on, your light is on, and youve gotta take care of some biz

and i did all of that in a quick minute and when i woke up at noon i felt like i had just won a great game of something.

did a little laundry, ate some delicious free ice cream in the Feliz

saw Thor, ate a spicy meal at Heartbreak Thai

and im still trying to figure out where to go on vacation.

since im so old ive been errrrywhere