the creepiest “peace be with you” ive ever heard

ok ive got two problems with this security guard at the newt gingrich glitter party

1. how do you let a guy into your hotel meeting room with a bag? there could be a gun in that bag.

there could be a whip in that bag. (like indiana jones.)

there could be bin ladens head in that bag. (like indiana jones part 5)

and yes, there could be a cheese-it box full of asbestos-laced glitter.

2. the security guard outs himself from not being Of This Realm

because as he “holds” the elevator door, it continues to close on him

as if he was not even there.

this happens to vampires too, i understand,

which is why the “peace be with you” is equal parts creepy, sarcastic, and FORESHADOWING