the sensitive poet thing was just a rose in my mouth at Christmastime

i am in the greatest mood.

no idea why.

just like when i was in the sourest mood, i didnt know why neither.

im no good with emotions. theyre fakeouts anyhow.

logic like Mr. Spock professed should be all that matters.

at the xbi we know how to make people emotional which puts them  at a disadvantage.

we know that if youre empty like zen Buddhists and you dont care one bit what happens

you will master what happens.

or at least you’ll be on the proper path for Good.

all i want is good.

i want good for you and you and even you.

huge security guard tried to intimidate me last night when he saw i took a picture of Prince.

he ran over and he was big. no question. and i thought for a second he was either going to hit me (bad idea) or break my iPhone (worse idea)

crazy thing is, and one reason i laughed the other night when this girl basically compared me to The Situation (and not for the one nice reason) is cuz i was texting my mother a photograph of Prince at the time.

anyways im bored of this story already.

as i was with the concert. if youre gonna play jazz, lemme know before i pay my hard earned money, cuz i will go to a Prince jazz show and like it, just tell me. whats the mystery? do you not think people will come if you say something like “super rare tunes you probably never heard before”?

so on the way out i feel a tap on my shoulder.

hey mr busblog i hear in a familiar voice. but i was drunk and fortunately todd was gonna drive.

i was all huh?

and there was kim kardasian and her sister and i was all im drunk and she said take a picture then

and dumb me, the one time a flash woulda been helpful