thinking about either reading for two weeks or taking a train around america

im hours away from a two week vacation. thirteen days, actually, of no responsibilities.

there are a few options:

i could declutter my home.

i could go on 13 dates with 13 people i meet on

i could go to 13 different places of worship.

i could eat at 13 different taco trucks.

i could read 13 different books in my library.

i could see 13 different movies at 13 different movie palaces.

or i could pay $400 and travel around america on amtrak.

the truest is looking for a new career and i asked her to rail with me, but she politely declined.

errrything she does is polite. and even though last night she was on a roll saying no to me,

when i proposed the amtrak plan she stopped in her tracks and shyly smiled cuz she knew shed love it.

i had to run to her side of the table to hug her cuz it was so sweet.

went to bed early, came in to work early, but for the first time in my life i have writers block.

which means i’ll probably only knock out three posts today.

i could write 13 short stories, so my man in west virginia has a book to give to his friends at christmas.