this town really is stunned that the lakers arent still in the playoffs

and i gotta say im a little stunned too.

this weekend i barely watched any hoops, instead i rooted for Vancouver over the SJ Sharks in playoff puck.

i had a great weekend. hope you did too. good food and fun on friday. good food and a god flick on saturday.

then sunday i curled up with the Good Book and did very little else on the day of rest.

im not very good at keeping anything holy, especially the Sabbath, but i think i did a pretty good job yesterday.

and yet today i am feeling a tad under the weather which worries me because I work today and tomorrow, then im off thru memorial day.

im thinking about having a staycation. but a working one.

ive been trying to de-clutter for quite a while.

i know its boring, but im really thinking about spending 4-5 hours a day putting things into three boxes: trash, keep, donate.

most of the keep stuff i want to put in storage just to see how much things like high school yearbooks and old rock posters cost to store away.

i also have way too many clothes. that are crappy. that i shouldnt be wearing any more. those need to go too.

then when the 5 hours is over, i will go to the movies.

i really loved seeing Thor with the truest this weekend.

very few girls let me hold their hand all day.

i like doing that.