went to two vortexes today

also hiked. saw a ghost town that came back to life.

and went to walmart.

i saw a bunny disguised as a jackrabbit take a cat nap as a hawk floated four hundred yards above it.

it was catching a gust that allowed him to hover perfectly in the sky like a hummingbird.

while driving from one hiking spot to another we almost hit a road runner who had the perfect posture.

didnt have breakfast. had bbq in a town called jerome, served by a teen named amber.

took a picture ten seconds after i woke up this morn.

posted it on this post.

if i ever forget im the luckiest man around, i just come to the busblawg.

one of the vortexes was near this temple.

but if you see near the left, the alter has fallen and was broken.

the sign says barry goldwater helped create the thing.

but the secret about this vortex is its a reverse vortex

meaning youre not supposed to meditate on the goldwater side,

youre supposed to do your thing on the backside

life lesson for the day.

now its time for dinner and a movie.