hey tony how do you like people who use iPads for taking photos outside?

i dont believe i am a libertarian, but the older i get the more i believe in what they’re talking about.

i may have voted for one or two in the past, but that doesnt mean i knew what i was doing.

anyways, deep down i believe that this is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

and we should just let people do whatever they wanna do as long as it doesnt harm other people.

for example, i smell the smoke of people with their cigarettes and cigars and its not gonna kill me, so they should be allowed to smoke.

sure we have been conditioned to wince whenever we smell that second hand smoke,

but if a pretty girl kissed you real nice right after someone smoked a stogie, you’d probably learn to love that aroma.

with that said, any time i see someone hold up their iPad and use it as a camera,

i take my iPhone and use it as a camera to capture the craziness.

color me crazy.