working for the weekend

yesterday on the politics blog we did pretty well as you can imagine.

between that congressman named… tony… and sarah palin there was a lot of interest in “politics” yesterday.

so much so that im a little burnt out today and its only Tuesday!

dont worry, i’ll rally and get it together. it is blogging after all, which comes fairly easily to me.

you know whats hard? reading the entire sunday paper.

if youve ever eaten with me you know i like to savor each bite. i feel the same way about the sunday paper.

im crazy, i wanna read every page. and every ad. i clip coupons i’ll never use.

i read every word in Parade first and work my way up the order of news importance.

i look at the graphics and layout, i think about how people phrase things, their ledes, how they end pieces.

to say the least im not truly honoring the Day of Rest

and if the Cubs are on that morning then im truly distracted and the process can take up the entire morn.

no iPad in the world can replace the real sunday paper

although after seeing part of Steve Jobs’ keynote announcing the new iPad, im closer to getting one.

but i’ll never cancel my subscription to the real deal.