today is my true loves birthday

in sedonatoday she turns 26.

i met my true love at a raging isla vista party way back in the day.

i was drunk and tired and in love with another at the time, but i remember her even though she doesnt believe me now.

it was her eyes. so blue. so true.

i had to look down.  and keep my eyes down.

centuries later we met again, in a dream. she was dressed funny i was dressed funny we smiled a lot at each other but nothing really happened until we shared a lunch at a magical chinese restaurant.

we looked at each other and didnt stop

until the miso arrived.

a few days later she was in my room. in a dream. and because it was a dream i went for it cuz who cares its a dream. i’ll wake up at some point.

its been half a century and i still havent woken up.

and because its a dream she can read my mind and i can read hers and when we talk to each other its as simple as a rail road track and a train’s wheels: real smooth like.

of course because its a dream sometimes things make no sense whatsoever. like at all. for example, how is it that we arent boyfriend and girlfriend at least. or how is it we dont have like 14 kids and a reality show by now? or how is it that no matter what super bizarre curveballs get thrown, we can always figure out something.

the other day we went hiking through the woods, in the gazillion years we’d known each other im pretty sure we hadnt done that. who knows why.

we just talked and walked and it wasnt the easiest hike so i couldnt hold her hand, but i wanted to.

i always want to.

there was a time when i was young and i didnt know any thing about the xbi or even isla vista, but i knew something was off. odd. wacky.

and when youre young, people convince you that you shouldnt blame others for things.

they teach you that you should be responsible, and when things appear crazy its easy to think to yourself that you might be the crazy one.

and i remember driving my ice cream truck through the farmland of illinois looking up at the stars esping you can come down and pick me up any time you want.

and you can take me home.

never did i think chris would be the one to take me there.

until i saw her eyes,

after the first time we kissed.

so blue.