jon stewart on fox sunday yesterday was pretty great

i wrote a little about it in this post called

Jon Stewart admits he voted for George H.W. Bush in 1988 and is disappointed in Obama

the headline was a subtle tip of the cap to Stewart who says that the media is sensationalistic and lazy.

i agree with some of that, but ive been too  busy at work lately to blog about it. too busy to even go on gchat

so many of my friends feel like ive abandoned them.

sorry friends. i hope you know i still love you.

xbi heats up in the summer, plus i have to write a lot for the real job.

the most interesting story i had to write about was this one

Obama impersonator says he was pulled off GOP stage because of time, but official says he was inappropriate”

lifes pretty crazy. maybe thats why i fit in so well sometimes

sass asks “I asked a boy for his phone number. Now what do I do?”

who doesnt love sass? apparently none of the boys she loves.

she asks “I asked a boy for his phone number. Now what do I do?”

sadly the correct answer is, “kiss any chance of having him good bye”.

any man worth having when youre a twentysomething in nyc is going to ask for your number first.

when you make the first move it screws up the dynamic unless you want to make all of the shots going forward.

i have had the pleasure of knowing the torontoian now living in the big apple. she needs a man.

a real one. not one of these american aparrel wearing ironic mustache sporting club boys.

sure theyre fun and pretty and soft and you can share clothes but in the long run its a highway to heartbreak.

youve been down this road before.

doesnt it all seem so familiar?

has it ever worked out?

you know where the real fellas are. go there.

and wait for those who approach you.

then, craziest advice, im sure,

let them chase you a bit before you let em catch you.

silver lake misses you baby!