happy longest day of the year: the return of summer, the return of good


Jimmy Graham asks: “Why is there so much Boston Bruin hatin’ going on?”

Although the Bruins are part of the original 6, unless you live in Toronto its pretty hard not to love vancouver.

thus it was hard to see the collapse of the canucks last week.

ive visited The Great White North a few times and i was quite amazed that any time there was a hockey game on,

it was like what it is on football Sundays here in the states. only diff is we only get the NFL about 18 times a year,

whereas in Canada they have a bout 3-4x as many games. thats committment.

and thus disappointment when things go down poorly.

last week the good people of BC were so upset that they lost to the Bruins that some of them tore up one of the most beautiful downtowns in the world.

one of my favorite bloggers, keira-anne wrote about her disappointment. not in the game, but in the bad decisions by “outsiders”

For any group of people to come into one’s neighbourhood and physically destroy everything that surrounds is incomprehensibly heartbreaking. As I made the daily walk to my office yesterday, it took every ounce of me to blink back tears seeing what had been done to my home, to the places and faces I see and greet each and every day.

lots of emotions in the hearts of our neighbors to the north.

meanwhile its always been able to hate on Beantown.