andrea asks “Is it always a good idea to listen to your gut? “

perhaps your gut is different than mine, but i spend a good amount of my day doing my best to Ignore my gut

my gut tells me to skateboard on the stairs of the LAPD HQ even though in LA such skating is a crime.

my gut tells me to flip off people who drive horribly.

my gut wants me to kiss girls who i have no future with and stop the car immediately

when a restaurant offers “all u can eat”

for some reason my gut has a chip on its shoulder when it should have the opposite.

it should have salsa on its shoulder.

my gut and my heart, although very close, disagree on almost everything, which is why i prefer to listen to my heart.

my heart neither has a chip nor salsa on its shoulder, it has an angel on it

the angel is eating doritos, which its gut convinced it to buy at the 7-Eleven along with two Ding Dongs,  a cherry slurpee.

and also a Mega Millions lottery ticket even though the angel lives in heaven where money is worthless

the angel just likes to win stuff cuz winning is fun.

my gut tells me to run away from girls after it becomes obvious that they like me.

my gut tells me to stay at the blackjack table after ive won several hands.

its the thing that tells me to double down.

my heart says youre in vegas, use the money to go see a show youd never see, like Celine Dion.

my gut tells me the Cubs wont win the World Series until well after im dead

but my heart says tough luck youre a Cub fan, keep buying their merch, keep rooting for them, keep hope alive.

my gut just wants to eat kosher hotdogs in the bleachers, drink Old Style,

and bet with friends as to which infielder touches his junk next.

my gut has never had a valid drivers license.

my heart has never gotten into an accident.

my gut thinks something fishy happened on 9/11.

my heart only sees the beauty in everything.

my heart thinks love is the key.

my gut wants to pee

in the snow.

hey canada, a guy named maurice had his ’53 Gibson Les Paul stolen

sorta greenhere is his plea to the thieves that he posted on the Vancouver craigslist that i will reprint here (except for the cursing):

To the people who stole most of my stuff out of my studio on June 5, including my main guitar of 43 years, let me tell you about it.

It’s a very altered, but very real 1953 Gibson Les Paul Model – Serial # 3 0621 (stamped on the back of the headstock)

This is not a gold-top. In the 1950’s, it was refitted with an ABR-1 bridge and stop tailpiece, and then refinished, all by Gibson. The green colour in the picture, (especially on the rear half of the body where the light reflection is less), is accurate. It’s one of the lightest Gibson Les Pauls, and the only one of its’ colour, that I’ve ever seen.

I’ve made many other changes to this guitar in favour of playability:
–changed the P-90’s to humbuckers
–had the neck thinned and it, the back and the sides were refinished
–when it was refinished, the serial # was stamped in
–replaced worn out machine heads with gold Gibson ones
–added brass switch ring, jack plate, and rear cavity covers that were made for me by my now-deceased brother-in-law
–added a truss rod cover with “Les Paul” on it
–installed strap-locks (for obvious reasons)
–there will be traces of violin bow resin in and under various parts. It is the best guitar ever for bowing.

This is a one-of-a-kind instrument in so many ways. It is completely recognizable, down to every screw on it.

I’ve been in the music business all my life, and have a large list of friends and contacts. With the help of countless amazing people, many who I don’t even know, (which details what you took) has been sent across Canada and around the world to more people – musicians, music stores, pawn shops, studios, rehearsal rooms, and other musically related businesses – than I ever imagined possible. It’s been passed around since you broke in, and is continually going out to more people. In fact, I’d bet people reading this will pass the link on to others if they already haven’t. This will continue unendingly until I find my guitars and other equipment. My green Les Paul is already one of the most recognizable instruments in Canada, I can guarantee you that.

Here’s your scenario:
–No collector will want this instrument because it’s not even close to original.
–No legitimate business will buy it from you.
–Any creep who would knowingly buy a stolen guitar will give you a pittance for it.
–If you keep it for yourself, you’ll never be able to play anywhere with it, and it will tie you to the crime and to all of the other stolen equipment for as long as you have it.
–You didn’t even take the case.

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