Mark asks “Should evolution be taught in schools?”

i cant wait to have kids because people tell me it changes how i’ll look at the world.

i would like to see if thats true

because right now, i think kids should learn as much as they can while theyre in school.

im more religious than most people i know, in that i read the bible every sunday and i believe in most of what im reading.

with that said i dont think God makes imbeciles who cant handle knowledge.

if anything the bible teaches us that once upon a time people communicated so well

that we were building a stairway to heaven

otherwise known as the tower of babble.

and in order to stop the progress of a cheater shortcut to Paradise,

the angels had to destroy the tower and hinder the way we talked to each other.

to me the lesson is: you people are capable of anything if you cooperate.

a good school, to me, is a collection of adults cooperating in such a way that the kids are enriched.

my spiritual beliefs are in no way intimidated by scientific theories or even proofs.

its all God’s magic to me mixed with human free will trying to figure crap out.

i want my kids to figure crap out too.

especially the mysterious fine line between science and spirit.

and Lord knows apes would teach it if they could.