i follow Capt. Morgan on facebook

today he asked “Tell me something great you did today. Let’s raise a glass to you.”

these were the best ones.

Dena Kennedy At 37 while all the kids were on break at the pool i totally rocked a double front flip . . . . .

Jimmy Robbins made it thru another shift without sticking a pen in anybody’s neck.

Jenelle Hehman I went down in the crawl space for the 1st time and turned on my own sprinklers.

lison Sarah Hungry I got out of bed. End of greatness.

Paul Ubaldini i helped an AMERICAN Veteran

Trish Neal San Diego Zoo. And then got drunk

Michael Stein ‎120 degree weather with body armor… I need a drink!

Sean Hochreich I held the fn Stanley Cup :)

Patrick Larson I “graduated” from my anger management classes! CHEERS! LOL!

Megan Zegers I ran a 5k without walking for the first time in my life!

Dan Cawley i shaved my neck beard off today

Dana McHenry I farted loudly in the library.

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