1. Monday, June 13, 2011

    a lot of people wanna visit me when they come to LA 

    its flattering but what am i gonna show em? i got nothin.

    to me LA isnt a place to visit its a place to immerse yourself in for a month.

    the normal rhythms of this town is what its all about, not the touristy places.

    and i know i know its sorta impossible to just crash in a town for a month, but what can i tell you:

    disney, universal, hollywood blvd, venice beach, the sunset strip – thats not really LA.

    those places are the frilly edges. theyre nice. theyre interesting

    but just going to those places is like just eating the icing from a lovely cake.

    better, its like just eating the icing from the cake of a four course meal.

    i had a great four course meal the other day.

    im very lucky. too lucky sometimes.