not everyone is as luck as i. i understand that.

when i was a kid i was obsessed with toilets. and calling my mom.

age 10 or so id call my mom at work and flush the toilet and hang up.

id see a pepto bismol commercial that would say “for symptoms of common diahrea, use pepto bismol”

so id call diahrea “common”.

as in, hey ma i think i have common.

because i rarely had a balanced meal in college often id carry some pepto in my car.

for the last 4-5 days the pathway through me was swift and clear. nothing stayed in.

was i stressed out about anything? not really: been writing for the Ticket which has been on fire, ive gotten to see the truest a lot.

i was eating properly. but still, 5-6 times a day during work i had to run to the nearest – i stress that word – nearest facility.

i started drinking chocolate milk, eating potatoes, anything weird to see if it would appease the beast.

finally i texted my mom “have had common for 5 days”

she texted me back “call me, asap”.

she suggested Imodium, which worked so fast it was amazing. like it sealed a hole somewhere.

i wish i was a race car driver so i could let them sponsor me for $1 just so i could celebrate their name.

somethings still gurgling down there a day later, but im thinking drinkin might help that problem.

i let you know.