i follow Capt. Morgan on facebook

today he asked “Tell me something great you did today. Let’s raise a glass to you.”

these were the best ones.

Dena Kennedy At 37 while all the kids were on break at the pool i totally rocked a double front flip . . . . .

Jimmy Robbins made it thru another shift without sticking a pen in anybody’s neck.

Jenelle Hehman I went down in the crawl space for the 1st time and turned on my own sprinklers.

lison Sarah Hungry I got out of bed. End of greatness.

Paul Ubaldini i helped an AMERICAN Veteran

Trish Neal San Diego Zoo. And then got drunk

Michael Stein ‎120 degree weather with body armor… I need a drink!

Sean Hochreich I held the fn Stanley Cup :)

Patrick Larson I “graduated” from my anger management classes! CHEERS! LOL!

Megan Zegers I ran a 5k without walking for the first time in my life!

Dan Cawley i shaved my neck beard off today

Dana McHenry I farted loudly in the library.

Eduardo Rosello I passed my florida barbers test!

Cody Repp i got my driver license back……………thanks again captain

Tara Unland Protected people from themselves….

Melody Flame Howe-Goff My son and I visited our dying Gr’mother/Mother-in-law. It’s just a matter of time.

Erin Schottel I turned the other cheek!!! Damn that hurt! But felt so good!!!

Raschelle Lee Hall said f&*k it to housework and designing for the day and laid outside in redneck royalty style. lawn chair in a kiddie pool, cold drink in my hand, floppy red hat and shades and read a book for hours on end. :) nothing compares to that!

Katherine Hoehl I let my Kids 12 & 9 cook dinner for Me and there Daddy

Mathew Crane Made it back from Afghanistan….and got a motorcycle…

Laura Lingenfelter Farmer Kept my mouth shut.

Grant Dawson I got a snake man!

Ricci Taverna Took a parole violator off the streets

Charlie Smash I befriended a baby black cat who magically appeared on my girls doorstep. Her new name is Dark Cloud and she likes Bologna and water. CHEERS!

Brenda Riessle Turri Had to lay someone off from work…..UGH! Make it a double Captain’s please!!

Karen McCullough called police on some idiot that went in store and left there dog in the car with the window only open an inch!!

Zach Brown mowed the lawn…. no shoes, no shirt, with a tall drink in hand

Tom Nichols Turned in my paperwork to join the Navy. Now I have a week to relearn Algebra :D

John Garvey watched the cubs lose.. their pitchers suck

Dylan Thompson survived another day in Iraq

James Best I gave a bum an empty pizza box so he could pretend he was using a laptop.

Jen Blau Mani pedi and margaritas

Jake Gustafson I rescued a child out of a burning building, by child I meant my beer and by burning building I meant fridge.

Susan Low I kissed the Larry O’Brian Trophy!!! GO MAVS!!

Thew Ret Ched I just burned dinner.

i <3 people