1. Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    im officially an old sold-out yuppie wessssider 

    good thing nothing in this blog is true cuz if someone spotted me at this swanky restaurant with the truest recently, my ghetto pass would be revoked.

    i knew i was in trouble when you needed a reservation to the place.

    then when i saw the prices next to the menu items my eyes bugged out like Jim Carey in the Mask.

    but i love the truest so i quietly gulped and thought about what baseball cards i could auction off on ebay to cover the tab. it was her birthday. this would not be a dutch treat.

    after strangely delightful glass of wine i forgot about mundane things like dollars and cents and looked across at the pretty girl and watched her order a cheese plate with salami for our appitizer.

    who doesnt love cheese plates? “this place is known for its cheese,” she told me.

    and sure enough there was a woman in a chef’s hat whose only job it seemed was to make sure all the fromage was tres bein.

    but because it was an italian place they didnt understand me when i said muchas gracias when they laid out the cute plate seen above.

    i wont even tell you how much that little plate of appitizers cost twenty bones but i will tell you that it was a lot better than i expected

    and way more filling than could have been predicted.

    it made me wanna get a second job because to the winces of my nutritionist, im a man who loves his cheese and this was some good stuff.

    and the pork chop main course with spinach – mama mia.

    we left the place all smiles, floating to the car, fortunate that i didnt need my left arm any more, and grateful they took it as a downpayment.

    totally shocked, btw, that the place was packed. arent we in a recession?