Tucsonan asks, “what would your all time best Houston Astros starting lineup”

The full question was “what would your all time best Houston Astros starting lineup look like? (batting order and position) “

This may be the coolest question ever asked on an Ask Tony.  Thanks Tucsonan!

Cool for me because I’m pretty sure in the 10 years that the busblog has existed (10 years officially in two months), ive never mentioned the Houston Astros.

I may have mentioned how much I loved their 80s jerseys but thats not news. Everyone loved those.

Anyways, after the jump my amazing answer to this unbelievably awesome question.

1. Cesar Cedeno, Center Field

Yeah he played 1st too, thats how fast he was. something like 450 stolen bases.

People dont name their kids Cesar any more. Crazy.

2. Joe Morgan, Second Base

People remember that the Hall of Famer ended his career with the Stros, but most forget he also started there.

3. Jose Cruz, Left Field

Always seemed pissed. Loved that.

The epitome of the pre-Roids all-around power hitter. Big but lean. Powerful but quick.

Cruz and Andre Dawson were brothers from different mothers in many regards.

4. Jeff Bagwell, Third Base

Eyeblack, crazy goatee, bowlegged batting stance, 450 or some homers. the big B in the Killer Bs

5. Lance Berkman, First Base

Probably most boring awesome player the Astros ever had.

6. Jimmy Wynn – Right Field

Poor guy had the worst luck with baseball card pictures.

One has him hitting an infield popup. Most have him looking like he just ate a pepper accidentally.

This one has him fooled and flatfooted.

Bro hit 290 homers and had over 200 stolen bases.

7. Craig Biggio, Catcher

I know he spent more time at Second, but what am I gonna do, not have Joe Morgan?

8. Dickie Thon, Shortstop

The Astros never had a great shortstop. And their best was named Dickie who never saw the most of his potential after he got beaned.

9. JR Richard, Pitcher


Richard, Ryan, Joe Niekro, Roger Clemens, Jose Lima

Bench Coach:

Yogi Berra

Thanks Tu