got some sweet drunken texts from a pretty girl late last night

which was nice cuz i was in a bad mood.

and when they were over and the young lady either died was arrested or found someone less virtual

i was cheered up.

so i took my pajamas off, slipped on some shorts and walked a few blocks up sunset

to go get a subway foot long meatball parm

i had a coupon for a free cookie.

while waiting for my bread to be toasted i remembered that earlier i had taken a photograph

of a man laying in his own liquid waste beneath a giant tree under a breathtakingly beautiful sky.

he was either dead or passed out because he wasnt laying on grass or dirt

no, he slumped upon small boulders, seemingly designed for one intention only:

to prevent the homeless from nearby skid row from napping beneath that shade tree.

as i decided on either chocolate chocolate chip

or chocolate with m&ms

i wondered if the photo turned out well.

later, upon inspection, i decided it was