the question is whether or not to tell the truth

but why not spin fabulous fables when youve been given the clue of nothing in here is true

in that case i had a fantastic fourth.

best one ever.

spent it at the beach with friends, ate drank, was merry.

one nice thing about venice beach – they are always a step ahead with fashion trends

this store was called Le Douchebaggarie

my first apartment was in venice way back in the day.

a lot has changed.

for example, foot jewelry is way more prevalent now.

its like, errrywhere.

there was this 6 story high motel right on the beach. no one real ever owned it.

like it could have been the greatest best western, but it was always just a little run down and not what you wanted

despite its perfect location and spectacular views.

then one day someone bought it, put a roof bar up there, and named it


turned out to be a great place to see fireworks.

and drink

and later ride our bicycles home.

i believe i will be returning there throughout the summer.