ate tongue the other day for lunch

theres this hot new peruvian place over by my work.

people call it hip, but have you noticed that the millisecond that you use that word not only is the subject instantly lame

as is the person who utters the word?

its not technically a restaurant because it only has a kitchen and a window.

most people take it to go and eat it at their office

although some eat the food at the outdoor tables and look at the bench and hill made famous in 500 Days of Summer.

every day the menu changes cuz its really a 4 star restaurant that serves the grub through the window.

the first day i went there i ordered chicken and they charged me $11 for a half chicken rotisserie style – a tad pricy for just that, i think.

so the other day i went back and the lady said wanna be adventurous?

so i said sure. she said how do you feel about tongue?

my favorite taco place serves a heavy dose of lengua tacos, which is tongue.

the pull the tongue out of a container, chop it up and put it in a taco and all the hard working men gobble it up.

so i told the peruvian lady fine.

its moist and tasty but the texture is just too crazy for me.

i ate the fries, mostly.