saw my man dudamel at the bowl last night

hes the crazy young conductor of the los angeles philharmonic who is so full of energy its contageous.

he had this chinese pianist named lang lang tickling the ivories.

lang lang likes to play in slow motion, over exaggerating his movements

so when he strikes a note he lets his hand rise above it like it was on a mini trampoline in space

then he lets it slowly fall back to the keyboard while the other hand rises like a jellyfish ascending.

meanwhile old dudamel with his curly locks and sassy moves conducts from the future

pointing at the timpanis a beat before it sounds

basically saying bring it g

and then its broughten.

ali and i drank from a picnic basket we got at some swanky joint in nearby franklin hills.

it came with sandwiches, wine, a bottle opener, and two cupcakes.

freakin vino was as smooth as a twentysomethings leg under the stars in the summertime.

so smooth i completely forgot to write down what brand it was so i could buy it by the crate.