this whole place is a free speech area

took this picture at the orange county fair and it made me wonder what the hell happened to my country

i thought this was the land of the free and the home of the brave?

when was the last time you saw someone act super free

or omg brave.

and this is the Land of that?

bible talks about the land of milk and honey

but craziest thing about that book, spoiler alert

no matter that its a gazillion pages long,

you never get to actually see said land of milk and honey.

not only dont most of the exodus jews ever make it to the promise land

but moses isn’t even permitted b/c of some illegal activity he committed in his pre burning bush youth.

dont get me started about the youth.

pretty girl had me listening to hendrix the other day. wheres todays youths hendrix?

didnt we once used to be the land of the lead guitarists?

wheres todays great young shredder.

wasnt gen x the slackers?

this whole PLACE is a free speech area!

not just the crappy grass next to the pony rides.

steve jobs and al gore gave you all the crayons and paper ever

make something that doesnt suck.

even if its selfless.

even if its risky.