there was once a powerful editor who did not want the Hero Complex blog to launch

not everyone realizes that.

that editor is now gone away.

not everyone realizes that part of the job of being a visionary is to fight for things that not errryone wants.

that blog, the brain child of one of my favorite writers, Geoff Boucher, is now on pace to get a gazillion pageviews this month.

a figure no one ever thought possible, but  few thought half the things that have happened on our blogs  was possible

until they happened.



hero complex, thanks to Geoff’s dedication and teamwork from his super friends, now has its own film festival

and upon entering the parking lot today, I spied it also has its own vehicle.

to watch something grow from an idea, to a meeting, to a debate, to a blog

then to a great blog, then to a film festival, and now a car

is enough to make a man believe that other unbelievable things are also possible.

like miracles.

and true love.

keep dreaming rock stars.

dreams want to come true.

coning is the new planking they say

anything that has to do with mcdonalds is ok with me

and then you wanna add a soft serve ice cream cone

with something you do in a drive thru?

im in heaven.

my neighbor is out of town so im cat sitting for her.

she said she would pay me back somehow for coming over and playing with her cat

and i said just let me use your laundry facilities so all night ive been doing laundry.

many differences between her washer dryer and the ones i use at the coin launry

the biggest is theres a button for “steam” as if i need to steam clean my tsar shirts.

the other things is all the weird beep bop boop noises it makes as you click the buttons.

what world am i visiting i asked the cat. but cats rarely have anything to say.

and when they do its usually in italian.

at least in my neighborhood.

most time consuming thing i wrote yesterday was this thing about political license plates in nevada

because im certifiably insane, and even though i knew itd take forever, i made all these nevada plates

all of which are currently available

to show people all the selection they have right now.

nobody seemed to care.

i think it was probably too hot to care yesterday.

i found a crazy picture for this one. Crazy or creepy? maybe more creepy.

and this one was just weird.

cant wait for the video.