three of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet

you never know where they’ll pop up.

so funny, when i first walked into the la times and i sat at the security guard area waiting for my interview

and i thought about all of the people who were on the other side of the door

i thought everyone in there would be mean older white dudes.

gruff, angry, bitter, etc.

a bunch of mike roykos.

im happy to report that inside that building is really a cross section of LA

lots of different people of all sorts. some roykos, some tonys

some lindsays, some jevons, and some loras.

its beautiful.

nevermind turns twenty soon so i listened to it

i just laid on my bed and listened.

i tried to remember the first time i heard it all the way through

but i got caught up in how great it sounded from my iphone to my dumb bedside ihome clock radio

and it made me so sad. every thing made me sad.

twenty years later and even arcade fire cant touch it.

who can?

who sings like that?

sincere even when not.

and still so genuine. so real. so strong.

i got up after something in the way and saw myself in the mirror across the hall.

shirtless, fat, bald, twenty years older than when i played teen spirit on college radio

having no clue what it was that i was doing.

and i saw i had white socks, sandals, and south park pj pants.

and i thought, i guess im doing something right.