karisa was all you gotta check out crystal antlers new one

and she knows her crazyass rock. i was all is that the one with the raymond pettibone cover

two way mirrorshe was all yup.

i was all arent they the punk band with the organ player.

she was like uh huh.

it always fascinated me that its taken so long for people to realize that

as zeppelin matured john paul jones put down the bass

and got behind the organ, playing the bass with the pedals.

and filling in all the other colors with the keyboard.

the eleven songs come in at just over a half hour

she said. i said i got a half hour.

Pitchfork on “Two-Way Mirror“:

“Sure, they might not have the classicist songwriting chops of the Fresh & Onlys or Sonny and the Sunsets, but none of those bands rock this hard either. That stuff is for summer BBQs and backyard parties; Two-Way Mirror is what to spin at the point when you stop caring about noise complaints.”

heres how crazy i am

a normal person would say omg good catch kid. and go on with their day.

me, i read the post in Deadspin and it says the 9-yr-old kid did it during practice.


as someone who many moons ago coached 9 year olds in little league

i can confidentially tell you that there are no umpires at practice

the cubs dont wear their uniforms

and there sure as hell arent lots of applauding parents in the stands

videotaping their little angels’ every move.

even pros dont care about practice as allen iverson taught us.

but even more suspicious is that umpire.

why is he/she crouching down to call balls and strikes to baseballs being shot through a pitching machine?

are machines that erratic that they dont make it over the plate?

i trust the centerfielder caught the ball and no trickery was done there

but the whole thing seems like a puzzle youd see in the sunday comics

“whats wrong with this picture”

errrything, if you ask me

sunday morning

almost every sunday morning i listen to this velvet underground song.

to me its the most perfect gentle tune to slowly do all the sunday things to

walk barefoot down the driveway to get the paper

pour orange juice

make oatmeal

think about reading the bible

“watch out, the world’s behind you…”

lately ive learned the best way to stretch out the weekend is to  do the most partying on friday.

that way saturday morning feels like sunday morning.

but if you dont play the velvets you still have an extra day in store for you.

karisa and i pigged out on sushi friday night, and sake, and beers.

it was our second sushi night in the week.

last night was thai with ali.

to the outside world i have the perfect life.

to my belly its so bountiful that  it grows to accommodate more.

would my days be improved by kids, a mortgage, and a job i couldnt totally master immediately?

and yet thats what i think i should be doing: setting up all these obstacles that would diminish the likelihood

of waking up gently on the lords day in such peace and satisfaction

and turning on lou reeds stoney classic.

do i really want the pitter patter of cries and screams and nickelodeon blasting in the AM?

all my friends seem to not only manage, but love it.

i know this because the divorce rate among my peers is ridiculously low.

i think part of my reluctance is id never wanna scar the future of america

i wouldnt want to bore my betrothed.

and i would hate to not totally rule at my job.

i hear so many bands who are horrible.

ive dealt with people who really arent good at what they do.

and seen too many secretly miserable people in deadend relationships.

why would i wanna do that to someone i loved?

or worse, to a little kid who was minding his own busines.

we all know theres a place for all of us in the now and in the future.

especially if we just let our destinies manifest themselves naturally

instead of trying to squeeze into the slipper

meant for cinderella.

our hearts are too big to fail.