hi summer vacation

tony pierce?!

yes summer vacation, it’s me, your buddy.

but why are you talking to me, didnt you just take a summer vacation in April for a week and a half in sedona?

yes i did. and it was amazing, but i’m afraid this one will probably be a little longer.

wait were you fired at the Los Angeles Times?

it’s being described as a lay-off. and i’m not the only one.  a bunch of other people, more talented than me today got to say hi summer.


yep. hi.

hi tony.

sass is in america for a limited time

and neither of us had been to soul food for a while,

so we drove down crenshaw and i noticed that M&M’s on king had reopened

i warned her that the service was usually bad and the food was hit and miss, but when it was on it was sooooo good.

so we parked, went in, and the lady said it was to-go only.

i looked and there were about 10 people in the place eating, so i was all, ok so we order and sit down?

and the lady was all, no its too late, we dont have a server, you have to take it to go.

very confused, and not really wanting to bring the food back to my crib, we peaced out.

“see!” i told sass and kept driving south down crenshaw.

before we knew it we were crossing Florence and because sass is young, grew up in hong kong, and then moved to canada

she had no concept of rodney king.

like none.

i was all dont they have American History in HK?

she was like, nope, British History!!

huge frown emoticon HK!

so i gave her a brief retelling of the rodney king beating, trial, and subsequent riots and looting and showed her some of the buildings on crenshaw that burned

and then we ate at one of my favorite joints in inglewood, dulan’s soul food kitchen where we had chicken ribs sweet potatoes mac n cheese red beans and rice greens and string beans and grape soda.

so damn good.