when i was a kid there were two books i was obsessed with

“the babe ruth story”, and “in the center: kareem abdul-jabbar”

i read them both over and over.

so imagine how great it was to get a call that kareem wanted to blog for us, six weeks into my new gig.

the blogosphere was excited too. kareem is the nbas all time leading scorer. even more points than jordan.

not every celebrity is cut out to blog, but kareem has penned several books of varied topics,

he’s a world traveler, a jazz enthusiast, and someone who people love so he hears and sees everything.

he wrote almost every day for a little while there and because he knows everyone,

when herbie hancock won a bunch of grammys, next day there was kareem talking about herbie, with a pic of the two of them.

when the giants won the super bowl, not only did kareem have a post with a pic of him and both manning bros.

but he explained that he wears #33 because his favorite football player as a kid

was a black blocking back for the NY football Giants.

and he wasnt afraid to write about controversial subjects like barack obama and rev wright.

on one hand blogging celebs can write about so much out of their experience,

but on the other hand actual important peeps like the captain are busy trying to win rings for the lakers

i love this picture because it is of kareem learning typepad from two of our tech folk, isabel and josh.

isabel, strangely enough, was laid-off a few weeks after this picture was taken, and went on to work for kareem for a little while, redesigning his website. later she married tom brady. jk.

josh was wooed away a few years ago, and recently he helped redesign this very busblog along with former timeser gregg.

i believe it was josh who suggested we call it: Kareem Abdul-Jabblog.

lindsay has some funny stories to tell about that blog too.

we had other celebs blog for us, former olympians wrote on our olympics blog,

pau gasol blogged during the playoffs

and just this fall steelers wide receiver  hines ward blogged as he participated and won abc’s dancing with the stars.

kareem is in terrific shape, looks 20 years younger than he should, and i believe his was the first blog we launched under my tyrannical reign.

im glad the times keeps its retired blogs online. thats true web 2.0. and you get to see our old design and how much better the redesign is now.

Dear Los Angeles Times, you rock

From: Pierce, Tony
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 4:38 PM
To: yyeditall; yylatbloggers
Subject: Dear LA Times, you rock

Dear Los Angeles Times,

I don’t think you realize, but years ago, I used to have a pretty successful personal blog.

And on that blog, every now and then, I’d write a post that would start

“Dear LA Times, you suck…”

And I would go off on how I would change things if only the Times would hire me to blog.

True story.

The readers loved it because who doesn’t love a profanity laden rant by a nobody as he shakes his fist at The Man?

One day I got the nerve to actually write the LA Times. The unlikely victim was Meredith Artley who was running the web site at the time.

I was running an upstart local blog, LAist, who just had a month so big that it had quadrupled theTimes’ most popular blog.

I wrote in part, “I don’t know what the word is after quadruple, but if you don’t hire me I’m gonna have to learn it.”

Because life is fascinating, I was hired not to write on one blog but to run all the blogs at the LA Times.

As the kids say: omgwtf. As my mother says, “be careful what you wish for.”

Those days all of the blogs at the Times added up to 3 million pageviews a month. In March, as you know, blogs accounted for about 72 million pageviews that month.

When I was invited to go into an office today, I was told that the LA Times no longer needs a Blog Editor.

One might think, how can the one part of the Times that has consistently shown record-breaking growth month after month, and year after year, not need someone whose sole agenda is looking out for the best interest of those blogs?

Especially if that part is the part that everyone agrees is the future of the company, if not the heart of its present?

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