busblog sunday press conference

Bill: Now what?

I’ve been eating junk food and chocolate. Now I’m headed to Vegas for a few days. Maybe I’ll meet a blonde girl from Canada with a tongue pierce.

Andrea: What’s the best decision you ever made in the moment?

Starting this blog during a 15 minute break at work 10 years ago.

Tucsonan: if she asked, would you say yes?

ive been drinking this whiskey called Red Breast, i was gonna get everyone shots of Jameson but this dude was all, get Red Breast it’ll make Jameson feel like a dirty ho. So i went to the bar and ordered up a bunch and while the bartender was pouring it

and keep in mind this was a fancy place, no sneakers no cubs hats, the types of joints i dont regularly frequent.

classy like.

so i go so is this hootch any good?

and he looks up and says makes Jameson taste like spent jet trash.

and id say yes it is way smoother than Jameson, but it has this magical ability to just guide you to a happy place instead of rushing you there.

and once there my friend you’ll say yes to pretty much anything.

the Dems should break some out  in Congress.

Monkey: What do you do when the things that are supposed to be good for you are only presented by the universe in ways that are bad for you? 

the reason you should send your kids to party schools is the answer to this question.

lets say youre a college aged kid. someone lets say too young to drink legally. and youve got all these pressures on you, and youre broke, and you have a girlfriend but you realize youre in a party school surrounded by sexually awaking beautiful young cohorts. and almost at every party you discover something new in the categories of sex booze rock.

and lets say you are also learning from the masters about the masters in art war poetry science and red tape.

and then lets say something gnarly happens while youre out of your mind, not because youre drunk or anything, but because your heart just got broke for the first time and this is a downer that a good nights sleep after a barfing wont cure.

in the pit you discover certain truths.

and in the party they come to life.

and they usually revolve around one theme

rock rock n dont ever stop.

you’ll never learn that in dartmouth.

Wesley: tony do you listen to the only band that matters?

one of the Buddhas preached from a whorehouse. he argued that if enlightenment could be attained anywhere, then why waste time in a stuffy temple.

while i appreciate his idealism, i doubt you’ll ever find me in a place like that, but i think there can be spiritual moments from any band.

even bands with bad intentions or limited skills.

this morning im listening to the Smiths, MGMT, Titus Androgmafopdspoiao, Weezer, Gaga, and Pavement.

MGMT will not go down in history, but watching Rivers so contently dancing around to Kids reminds us

that we were invited to make a joyful noise.

xTx: Any regrets?

Although it was great to ask Hugh Hefner questions about Tiger Woods and Jesse James at the mansion,

and even though I loved interviewing Bruce Willis at the Roosevelt Hotel and asking him if his vodka takes off would he consider expanding to wine, and if he did would he come out with a Yippe Chianti;

my only regret is not interviewing more inanimate objects.

BiggMike: who will play Tony P in the Busblog movie?

If they can’t get Ad Rock or Tom Waits, I’d settle for Drew Barrymore.

Roseblue: Diamonds, or pearls?

Wasn’t Blood Diamond a great movie? And whats best, now I never have to buy diamonds :)

Karisa: any tips for making it through sunday? 

we’ll ive competed in a few half marathons. and this is how i made it past the first 10 miles, which to me are the hardest because theyre the easiest and it f’s up what the last few do to you.

i pretend theres an in n out burger at the finish line. a double double with cheese. and theres only one left on the planet

and if i eat it the aliens wont blow us up, indeed they will keep us around because no other universe was crazy enough to spend all that water to feed all those cows to produce something we’d market as hamburger.

do it for the kids, karisa.