1. Saturday, July 16, 2011

    danielle wanted to see bob dylan in the oc 

    you remember danielle, our bff who has been stranded in san dieger for way too long.

    she recently got a new job which she says is a cross between glenn gary glen ross

    and that dan fante novel where he worked in that boilerroom

    so we celebrated by venturing behind the orange curtain, something i rarely do.

    bob dylan is a million years old, but hes the finest poet in all of rock

    now and forever

    so when i got the tickets last week i knew theyd be bad

    but i didnt think theyd be this bad:

    at first it was obvs that danielle wasnt super into it even though she loves dylan

    i was all, hang in there, it gets better as the night goes on

    theres this theory that he drinks a bunch before the show, and they dont give him any more through the show

    so as he gets more sober he becomes sharper and edgier.

    it was a good show, hes still got it, but when the lights went up we moseyed over to the Fair

    things were either deep fried or covered in chocolate.

    (just like life)

    booze was everywhere, kids were everywhere, the smell of utilized hay was everywhere

    a full blown ABBA experience had them packed at the other concert hall

    and then there were the people with the sombreros.

    i sorta felt at home.

    and then i saw

    the grill from Above





    for dessert we had some deep fried Oreos

    tasted like deep fried Heaven

    with xtra chocolate.