even Hitler is worried about next week’s Carmaggedon

i usually skip right past these Hitler Rants vids,

but being a long time Angeleno this one had me LOLing.

for those of you who dont live here, they’re going to close a long stretch of the busiest freeway in the world

for two days so they can tear down a bridge and do several things so that one lane on one side of the freeway can be added.

it wont take two days, it will take two years to complete, but the two days are needed for the bridge

or so they can play bridge, or something. not quite sure. i should read the paper.

but like Hitler says, because i live east of Fairfax, and the only time i go to the wesssside is to eat sushi,

and because i can take the 110 pretty easily, im good.

but apparently the Führer lives in the valley or up in that nice richey place near the Getty and is not pleased with the situation he’s in.

as someone who was here when the Olympics was in town, i trust that the good people of LA will persevere.

Hitler may have a coronary tho.