heres how crazy i am

a normal person would say omg good catch kid. and go on with their day.

me, i read the post in Deadspin and it says the 9-yr-old kid did it during practice.


as someone who many moons ago coached 9 year olds in little league

i can confidentially tell you that there are no umpires at practice

the cubs dont wear their uniforms

and there sure as hell arent lots of applauding parents in the stands

videotaping their little angels’ every move.

even pros dont care about practice as allen iverson taught us.

but even more suspicious is that umpire.

why is he/she crouching down to call balls and strikes to baseballs being shot through a pitching machine?

are machines that erratic that they dont make it over the plate?

i trust the centerfielder caught the ball and no trickery was done there

but the whole thing seems like a puzzle youd see in the sunday comics

“whats wrong with this picture”

errrything, if you ask me