im eating cheez-its for breakfast

someone just won $61 million in the lottery. the news is saying they bought the ticket in Anaheim. so close!

if i won $61 million of course thered be a huge vegas party.

but eventually id end up with a home in malibu with a hot tub, etc

but the one thing every millionaire needs is a personal chef. and because i eat at odd hours id probably need two.

or else id be doing like im doing now, eating cheez-its out of the box reading the paper

waiting for the working week to start.

do you know i love you?

its so true.

why is it that lately ive been so excited on Mondays and Fridays.


but of what?

saturday Rage Against the Machine plays at the LA Coliseum

with Lauren Hill, Rise Against, and Muse.

great show, eh? but im so old i keep thinking id pass out if i was there all day and all night.

karisa and i barely escaped with our lives the last time Rage played here almost exactly 1 year ago.

also known as the best show ive ever seen at that spectacular venue.

we’ll see what this week brings.