karisa was all you gotta check out crystal antlers new one

and she knows her crazyass rock. i was all is that the one with the raymond pettibone cover

two way mirrorshe was all yup.

i was all arent they the punk band with the organ player.

she was like uh huh.

it always fascinated me that its taken so long for people to realize that

as zeppelin matured john paul jones put down the bass

and got behind the organ, playing the bass with the pedals.

and filling in all the other colors with the keyboard.

the eleven songs come in at just over a half hour

she said. i said i got a half hour.

Pitchfork on “Two-Way Mirror“:

“Sure, they might not have the classicist songwriting chops of the Fresh & Onlys or Sonny and the Sunsets, but none of those bands rock this hard either. That stuff is for summer BBQs and backyard parties; Two-Way Mirror is what to spin at the point when you stop caring about noise complaints.”