sass flew to america to eat food with me

so i took her to Heartbreak Thai

cuz its delicious

and im heartbroken.

we ate too much. i got the deep fried salad, soft shelled crab with pumpkin, tom la shrimp, crying tiger beef, and some beers.

after wards sass provided dessert:

what was the best dish of the night? good question. they were all great.

the crying tiger is one of food networks best dish i ever ate. and we got the pork instead of the beef.

and it was good when it first came out of the kitchen, but ive never been in loooove with it.

ive gotta say it was the deep fried salad. tonight at least.

i think ive been there 4 times in the last 3 weeks.

always busy, always good, and so delightfully spicy.