1. Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    the older i get the more i realize the less i need 

    there was a time when i needed music at all times. i only need it 72% of the time now.

    there was a time when i needed the tv on constantly. that too has dipped around the 70 percentile.

    i still need love in my life but it no longer needs to be celebrity tennis stars or runaway teens.

    i’ll settle for women who can levitate shapeshift or cook a really great pie.

    when i was losing a bunch of weight i saw how deadly chocolate was to my waistline

    so ive realized that being thin is something that i no longer need as much as i once thought.

    chocolate is what separates us from apes.

    which brings us to soda pop. sugar not-free. sugar rich. extra sugar.

    mexican coke made from real cane sugar sold in expensive glass bottles,

    i have discovered, especially with a shot of good rum

    while chatting it up with a jewish girl from the valley

    one would be crazy to deny oneself of such a summer treat.

    you only live once, saints,

    milk it.