i always bring a lot of books with me when i go away

always great books, but weirdly the only one i read usually is hte Good Book.

because of sarah from livestrong i am reading the recntly unseen newer poems before americas finest poet:” charles bukwoski.

did i mention im drunk? ha. yes. safely in the hotel bed. listening to Springsteen’s “The Promise”

which is waaaaaay better than i expected.

id heard his b sides before and bleh.

but this is cute.

yes thats a real mike tyson tattoo

ali likes palms place, karisa likes hard rock,

but for some reason when i come to vegas i like the hooters hotel.

its cheesy, its ghetto, and in many ways it actually does harm to their brand more than helping it.

which is perhaps why i can relate.

the people are nice and its cheap, and you never feel underdressed

which is why when the guy with the mike tyson face tattoo sidled next to me

telling me of his days as a stripper wrangler and nude male dancer

i knew i had done the right thing by not going to luxor.

he told me that he worked at an establishment that had dudes upstairs and ladies downstairs.

apparently in vegas you need a business license to strip, and you get computer generated receipts each night.

he had figured out a scam where he would “manage” a dozen or so girls, do their taxes and paper work

obtain contraband and be their security when theyd perform acts of prostitution.

all for the low low price of 20%.

while he was talking the xbi txted me “use the suite at caesars. our condolences.”

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