dennis rodman’s speech as he enters the hall of fame

dennis rodman at the nba hall of fame

if you click this you will hear a man show his heart as he reaches the highest honor in his profession.

he did it his way on the court, and he definitely did it his way off the court.

dennis rodman kept it so real in this speech that ive listened to it three times now and it still resonates as strongly.

in many ways he epitomizes what we teach kids: be yourself, work hard, live for the day.

tonight he added a slam dunk to a beautiful crazy career.

Jackie Johnson is married?

Or getting married? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

in fact why didnt anyone tell anyone?

Everyone’s favorite local weathercaster being suddenly married (or engaged, whatever) isnt on her page on CBS LA, nor on her wikipedia page


and im sure Billy Corgan wont be pleased so dont tell him or he might cancel the Smashing Pumpkins tour that was just announced today

whos first stop is here in LA at the Wiltern

ah the Infinite Sadness that is sweeping the city of angels with this news.


god i love super graphics

especially when the graphics are super.

how scary does that look? nice.

i saw some N.W.A documentary (or was it a gangsta rap doc? who knows.) anyways i learned that the Metropolitan used to be where the group used to party heart back in the day. and sure enough Curbed LA heard about that too:

the old hotel was a party palace for NWA, Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, who all ran amuk in the place in the early 90s, according to a tipster. The press release references such news, sort of: “Standing tall at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Van Ness – directly across the street from L.A.’s iconic KTLA Channel 5 Headquarters – the Metropolitan Hollywood was built in the early 80s as a flashy, Tinseltown hotel whose clientele ranged from musicians on tour to international patrons.”

now sadly the best thing about it are the ads that cover it. but thats something, right?